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We ARE the art of REBELLION!!We had almost 94000 followers on a page that has been building since the start of our journey we woke up this morning to see the haters had gone full out and that our original page had been unpublished BUT fuck that lets do this nothing short of death will stop this movement!!

The SoapGirls  Armed with unforgettable melodies and catchy choruses, The SoapGirls energy, rawness and authenticity live, has earned them a formidable reputation. Performing continuously throughout 2017, these fearless French born sisters Millie and Mie, have slayed critics and earned a dedicated group of followers known as the ‘The SoapSuds’, who follow the band across the UK and Europe.   The SoapGirls are society’s rejects and their punk credentials were rubber stamped by scintillating performances at the legendary Rebellion Festival last year and such was the their success that they were asked back to play the Blackpool event again in 2018.  The SoapGirls write outsider anthems that are androgynous, audacious and straight from the heart. Following the release of their album Societys Rejects,  features on there band have appeared in Classic Rock, The Mirror and Vive Le Rock, while their last two singles were played on BBC Radio and play listed by Planet Rock Radio.  Fighting prejudice and haters with a sword of honesty and a shield of integrity The SoapGirls have endured much, but have always risen above those that have sought to derail them.  The girls shine during their exhilarating, firework-strewn live performances, putting inclusivity and freedom of expression at the core of each show.  They are keen to show that music should be for everyone and everyone should be free to be themselves.   Alluring, hypnotic and nonchalant The SoapGirls started their career in Cape Town performing as street artists for eight years and were given their name by the general public. “We have been The SoapGirls since we were 8 and 9 selling hand made soap and street performing for various causes, we did this 365 days of the year for 9 years”.  At twelve and thirteen they began their recording career and signed to Universal Records releasing their debut album in 2011 which topped the domestic charts.  After conquering South Africa, The SoapGirls with their thirst for knowledge and justice, wanted to broaden their musical horizons, leading them first to stages in the United States and then the UK and Europe, with a determination to fight against struggle and heartache. The SoapGirls first toured the UK 2015, releasing their first independent well received album Calls For Rebellion, with one critic accurately calling the album “Raw, catchy, anarchistic Rock and Rol.”  Guitarist Mie sets the pace beautifully as she powers through each song with a certain style and grace, that captivates every audience. Her biggest musical influences are Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Heart, Nirvana,The Butthole Surfers and R.E.M and prefers more chilled out melancholy music.  Bass player Millie is a fan of heavier music from acts like Alice in Chains, Marilyn Manson, The Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, Alanis Morrissette, Hole, Aretha Franklin, Nirvana, Napalm Death and L7. This is evident in her performance as she connects and hypnotises the crowd.  Both Millie and Mie swap vocal duties giving them scope to show their individual nature in a way that adds to The SoapGirls dynamic.  Their common ground is grunge, but their ethic is punk. What’s in a genre anyway?  It’s all music at the end of the day.  The SoapGirls remind us that music can still be straight to the point, efficient, honest and exciting, so brace yourself for The SoapGirls’s next chapte.




Porno Graphic Messiah, METAL INDUSTRIEL basé sur la French Riviera et créé en 2006 par ScarS
(Chant, Guitare), est un Groupe avec plus de 300 concerts à son actif et sur toute la France.
Après une multitude de Passages TV, Web TV, Radios, Magazines et autres Médias, Porno Graphic Messiah fait sa première tournée en Amérique (Etats Unis et Canada) en Mai 2018, grâce à sa signature chez Another Management.
Porno Graphic Messiah sort en 2018 son nouvel album "Terrorize Me" (Signé chez Konklav Records), avec Clips & Médias qui vont avec. (Extrait ci joint: I Am Satan).
En 2014 sortait "Til' Death Or Nothing" et en 2009 sortait le 1er EP du groupe "Live And Frustrations".



Blackburst est un groupe de Motor Rock (influencé par Fu Manchu, Clutch, Motörhead, Queen of the stone age, Tool...) né en 2016 dans une cave pour assurer un concert alors qu'il n'existait pas encore.Promesse tenue pour leur premier live, le groupe assure et séduit. Il est programmé dans différentes salles / bars concerts et festivals et s'exporte maintenant à l'internationale.


DOAN est un groupe métal alternatif progressif de Montréal, Québec, Canada. Formé de Diane Thibault à la voix, Olivier Roy à la batterie, André Labrecque à la basse et Nicholas Roy à la guitare. Fondé en 2011 comme groupe de reprises portant le nom Ghettoblaster, ils changent le nom du groupe en 2017 afin de se consacrer plus sérieusement à leurs propres compositions. Lourde et incisive à douce et mélodieuse, la musique du groupe est le résultat d’un travail collaboratif influencé par des groupes tel que Tool, Alice In Chains, Mastodon, A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Godsmack et bien d’autres. À la question : "Qu’est-ce que vous voudriez qu’un auditeur se rappel le plus lors de la première écoute de votre musique? " ils répondent : "Nous voulons qu’ils se rappellent les émotions que notre musique leur apporte, c’est ça la musique, non? "
Avec leur premier album "Stupidity Kills", ils sont prêts à prendre d’assaut la scène et ils sont impatients de vous faire entendre leur musique.
À propos de la chanson Some Kind Of : " C'est une chanson avec un sens, une histoire, une chanson qui sort des sentiers battus, c'est de la musique qui fait réfléchir, très intéressante musique de gens intélligents... 4.5 sur 5, très très bon, ça ma gardé intrigué tellement c'était intéressant! "  - Wes Moose Jacques
À propos de notre album : " Stupidity Kills est un son inhabituel, créant de l'espace pour votre imagination pour emplir les espaces vides. Bien produit et bien performé… les riffs de guitare sont phénoménaux et par conséquent une qualité distinctive unique. 8/10 ******** "  - Jenny Tate

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